Based on research investigating the skills development of teachers, an online counselling programme for planning the teaching career is developed, evaluated and adapted within the scope of an international cooperation arrangement. It includes information texts about the teaching profession, reports from everyday school life, and self-exploration techniques to aid the individual in the assessment of personal interest in and potential for a variety of functions in the educational sector (e.g. as teacher, administrator or teacher trainer). In addition to these offers aimed at the target group comprising teachers, CCT also provides special tools for professionals, who hope to use the programme for the purposes of counselling, teacher training, or research.
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Building on earlier own studies and on results gained by other researchers, we explore which classroom management strategies produce which consequences under which conditions. The conditions considered include the characteristics of the acting teachers (e.g. their personality structure) and of the pupils or classes (e.g. their performance level), as well as of the context (e.g. the subject being taught or the type of school). Research efforts aim at producing fundamental insights about the field of research on the one hand, and at the development of offers of support (e.g. diagnostic tools) for teachers, who wish to further enhance their skills in classroom management, on the other hand.

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