Coordination of the Teacher Education Programmes

The coordination office constitutes a centre for the organisation and coordination of university-level teacher education. Its main function is to provide information, counselling and cooperation within the scope of the academic teaching qualification for secondary intermediate and secondary higher schools.

The coordination office pursues the objective of ensuring the transparent configuration and collaboration of the areas of study, the subject didactics, the pedagogical education, and the teaching practice, in order to improve study conditions for student teachers. In terms of quality assurance in teacher education, communication and cooperation within the university is actively promoted, and the networks encompassing other educational and event organisations are steadily expanded.

Main tasks:

  • Information about teacher education programmes
  • Student counselling
  • Planning, organisation and coordination of pedagogical education
  • Coordination of the interdisciplinary project study programme
  • Coordination of the teaching practice
  • Administrative matters
  • Point of contact for collaboration with regard to the key areas of focus in terms of subject didactics, pedagogics and teaching practice
  • Cooperation with other institutions providing pre-service, in-service and further education for teachers
  • Ongoing development of academic teacher education

Responsibilities and contact:

Mag. Vesna Kucher, Prof. (Leiterin, Studienprogrammleitung)
Vesna.Kucher [ÄT]
+43 (0) 463 2700 6236
Raum: M.1.13

MMag. Judith Koren (Senior Scientist)
Judith.Koren [ÄT]
+43 (0) 463 2700 6237
Raum: M.1.13

Ingrid Ringhofer (Sekretariat)
Ingrid.Ringhofer [ÄT]
+43 (0) 463 2700 6103
Raum: M.1.01
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