Collegial Learning: Subject-Specific Skills Orientation


In view of the developmental demands placed upon the school system, as well as having the official single-person school administrators, there is an increasing need for systemic leadership by different persons in the team and different forms of responsibility acceptance for teams. The professionalization movement towards an emerging so-called “middle management at school” emphasizes a shared location-specific leadership responsibility of the teacher team. Within the responsibility for the joint specialist learning and teaching, which reaches beyond the individual subject, new professional roles are beginning to take shape. As part of the ongoing development of the school location, following the principles of shared leadership, instructional development is professionally initiated and guided at the school in collegial processes in the form of “next practice”.

Target group

The university certificate programme is directed at teachers working in secondary schools, who are already teaching at a New Secondary School, or who are working towards this aim. The selection and sequence of participants is determined with due consideration for a balanced number of participants from the various secondary level school types, as well as a balanced distribution of subjects.