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Vortrag von Prof. Guershon Harel

22. März 2007

Unter dem Titel "Thinking in Terms of Ways of Thinking" referiert Prof. Guershon Harel (University of California in San Diego) am Mittwoch, den 25. April 2007 von 16.30-18.00 in der Aula, Sterneckstraße 15.

Anmeldung erbeten bis 20. April 2007 bei:
Waltraud Rohrer/IUS, Tel: 2700/6107 oder 

Instructional objectives formulated in terms of ways of thinking are essential in DNR-based instruction in mathematics (a theoretical framework developed in a long series of teaching experiments in elementary, secondary, and university mathematics courses, as well as teaching experiments in professional development courses for teachers at each of these levels). Without targeting ways of thinking, students are unlikely to become independent thinkers when doing mathematics. This brings up important curricular and instructional questions, such as: What does it mean to think of mathematics teaching and learning in terms of ways of thinking? When should we start targeting ways of thinking with students? How do we advance desirable ways of thinking with students? The talk will address these questions, and further argues that the formation of ways of thinking is extremely difficult and those that have been established are hard to alter. Hence, the development of desirable ways of thinking should not wait until students take advanced mathematics courses; rather, students must begin to construct them in elementary mathematics, which is rich in opportunities to help students begin acquiring crucial ways of thinking.

Prof. Guershon Harel arbeitet an der University of California in San Diego und ist ein bekannter Mathematikdidaktiker mit Spezialgebiet "Advanced mathematical thinking" (vgl. den gleichnamigen Artikel von Harel, Seldon & Seldon im Handbook of Research on the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Sense Publishers, 2006, Rotterdam).